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JULY 6 - Antiques and Collectibles - at Our Gallery, Liberty, PA

JULY 19 - Garage Tools - Household - Covington, PA

JULY 31 - Car, Antiques, Household - Naples, NY (updated ad - found lots more Steiff)


AUGUST 3 - Garage Tools - Blossburg, PA


SEPTEMBER 6 - 40+ Hit & Miss Engines, Metal & Woodwork Shop - Damascus, PA

Now Accepting Guns and related for the next Consignment Auction!!! Contact Don in the evening by phone for info!!

Always Accepting Quality Antiques for Consignment Auctions!!! Contact Don in the evening by phone for info!!

Prior 2014 Auctions !!!


MAY 4 (2014) - Gun Auction - At Our Gallery - Liberty, PA


FEBRUARY 23 (2014) - Antiques and Collectibles - At Our Gallery - Liberty, PA
See Ad for Comic Book Price List

Prior Year 2013 Auctions !!!


NOVEMBER 17 (2013)- Gun Auction - At Our Gallery - Liberty, PA


OCTOBER 20 (2013) - Antiques and Collectibles - At Our Gallery - Liberty, PA


SEPTEMBER 21 - (2013) Tools And Equipment - Liberty, PA


AUGUST 28 - (2013) Antiques - Bath, NY

AUGUST 31 - (2013) Real Estate [SOLD] and Contents - Liberty, PA

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570-324-2813 for information
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Contact Jim Pirrung at
585-728-2520 for information regarding FARM and Equipment auctions!
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Farm and Equipment auction listings

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Auction Gallery, Liberty, PA

Bath, NY


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Choosing the right Auctioneer and Auction Co. should not be by  (the roll of the dice)
Contact Don to discuss your auction needs before making your decisions.

Now booking on site auctions and consigned items for gallery auction!!!!!

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Realized Auction Price

Realized Auction price

Donald Roan, Auctioneer 
PO Box 122 
Liberty, PA 16930 
PA Lic AU-000776-L

Realized Auction Price
$ 2,970.00

Realized Auction Price


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